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The FGXpress Power Strips AreDoctor Formulated – Developed by Dr. Minsu Kim at the Future Engineering Technology Institute University of Korea. Power Strips contain a blend of concentrated Korean Red Ginseng & Minerals. More »


By increasing energy, one of the first benefits you’ll notice is a relief of pain. For this reason, PowerStrips™ are listed as a Class 1 Medical Device with the U.S FDA that can be used for temporarily pain relief and for improving the feel and look of the skin. Watch this video to see how PowerStrips™ work. More »

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FGXpress™ is starting it’s launch phase in year 2014 and it already has Distributors and/or customers in 166 countries. FGXpress™ is backed up by ForeverGreen™ International, a health and wellness company founded in 2004, with headquarters in the state of Utah, USA and local offices in several countries around the world. ForeverGreen™ is publicly traded under the symbol FVRG. More »

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FGxpress Opportunity

FGxpress Amazing Global Opportunity,

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Many opportunities are always coming by, but there are those that come at particular special times to usher in a new change in people’s behaviours. It is very important to be able to know when this particular shift is happenning so that you can ride on the wind of change. I can see FGxpress opportunity is one of those great things that is going to change how we have used medicine and particularly bringing in a massive shift in the medicine field.

Natural pain reliever patches

Natural pain reliever patches

I have used different kind of herbal products and have had great benefits from them, and I do prefer preventative measures rather than curative, but we do know that there are other things that happen in life that can cause a lot of discomfort in our bodies and we will end up needing to use pain killers. Most of the mainline medicine do have side effects as they are chemicals, you take them at the risk of developing another problem. So when my friend introduced me to FGxpress Power Strip, it was at a time when I was suffering from toothache. At this point I was ready to try anything as the pain killers that I was using were causing me stomach ache, so anything that was not going to be swallowed was good for me. The FGxpress sample patch I received worked wonders, within a few hours the pain in the stomach and tooth both disappeared and I was free to eat and drink as normal.

A couple of days later I was still pain free so on discussing with my friend how I could get more of the FGxpress Power Strips for my personal use, she introduced me to the fgxpress opportunity as well, considering the fact that the Natural pain killers had worked wonders for me, my perception about pain management changed, I began to think along the lines of how I could help many more people with pain. I saw an opportunity to make a good impact in people’s lives that I would never have been able to reach and help. many people are suffering taking large volumes of medicine that at times is causing them severe side effects, addictions that are hard to break. I reasoned that if they tried the FGxpress power stips, if the patches worked for them thy can work together with their doctors on how to use this  alternative medicine  which can greatly reduce pain and allow the body to heal itself with no side effects.

This gave me hope and ignited a sense of desire to take this work start helping others, anyone that is open minded and ready to try new modalities. I believe that everyone should have a chance to try new things before they judge it, and live by that policy, if it works for me then I will shout about it. We have to be aware that this not for everyone it will work for others quickly, some will have to perseere with using the patches regulary, and for other maybe not at all. You will only know if you try the FGxpress Power Strips.

Many people miss opportunities because they want to hear from someone that has used the product and reviewed it first, so we are a society that is driven by other peoples opinions, but in this article, I am calling on those that are open minded and leaders, those that are willing to go aheard of the pack or sha we say trail blazers to join this global FGxpress business opportunity that has come to us as a blessing and bring change into your generation for health and finances.

If you consider yourself to be that then welcome home join the FGxpress business opportunity here!!! Or contact me if you want more information on the business, or sample to use. Use the contact us page to send your request.

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